Kayak and Bike Adventure

Kayak and Bike Adventure
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  • Duration: 6 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Karzhali
  • Product code: KAYBIKE


These amazing 5 days of kayaking and biking leads you to the kingdom of the birds of prey in Europe - the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. The bike riding will challenge your body and imagination, while Kayak paddling takes you along the outstanding sheltered loughs of the mountain lakes.


• Tour guided by kayaking and biking professionals

• Biking along the winding banks of the Arda river

• Experiencing the natural wildlife of the Rhodope mountains


Day 1

Starting point is in the city of Kardzhali. The bike route takes you along an interesting nature phenomenon - a whole wedding made of lime stone. The landscape transitions between forests and open fields. Perperikon is another impressive rock complex on the way that will bring you back to Thracian and Roman times. The mosaic landscape continues to follow this bike adventure until you reach the beautiful lake of Studen kladenets. Bike distance for the day is around 32 km.

Day 2

The following day is for kayaking in the blue lake waters surrounded by picturesque shores and rich flora. Rare birds like the griffon vulture and black stork roam in the sky, while the many herons and cormorants in the lakes will also share this adventure. Crossing the Studen kladenets lake is unforgettable with its green slopes that rise directly from the water. You will arrive on the shores of a small island where the fallow deer roams free. A land of absolute peace, managed only by nature itself. This long day of paddling finishes in a nice village and where you take lodge for the night. Time spent in the water is 5 hours, together with visiting the hidden waterfall. Distance covered is 18 km.

Day 3

The bike will be your friend today as it leads you to places of overwhelming beauty, along the winding Arda river and in the foothills of the mountain slopes. The landscape changes every hour with stunning views of remarkable volcanic cliffs, pastural environments and authentic villages. The bike trip goes ahead to discover the great area of the ancient volcano of Madzharovo. The river Arda meanders through green forests and rich wildlife territories reaching the dramatically sculpted volcanic rocks. After 52 km of biking in the magnificent nature areas you arrive in a small village at the bank of the lake Ivaylovgrad where you spent the night.

Day 4

What awaits you on this day is a memorable crossing of Ivaylovgrad lake which features exceptional experiences and wild nature. If you need an escape from the noisy modern life, this lake is the perfect location for you. Impressive rocks rise from the water and romantic gulfs capture your eyes and soul. Hidden away in the forest camp sites, you will have the opportunity to relax in solitude. The final destination awaits at the end of the lake which comes after 33 km and 7 hours of paddling.

Day 5

On the last day of this amazing kayaking adventure you will visit the Ancient Roman villa where you can explore and discover more hidden secrets about the past and present of this incredibly diverse mountain.