Biking to Bulgaria’s Orehovo Village

Biking to Bulgaria’s Orehovo Village
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  • Duration: 6 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Orehovo
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This 2-day mountain biking tour of the Rhodope mountains takes you to the area of Orehovo village – a place famous for its natural landmarks and stunning scenery. The peaceful ride through the lush forests, the gorgeous mountain peaks on all sides, the mysteries of the Rhodopes just off the beaten path, among which is the ancient Sitovo Rock Inscription that continues to baffle experts to this day – all of these make this a perfect mountain adventure suitable for any nature enthusiast.


• Bike through picturesque forests

• Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery in the Rhodope mountains

• Visit the atmospheric Orehovo Village

• See the famous Sitovo Rock Inscription – a ancient inscription, the meaning of which remains a mystery to historians and linguists alike


Day 1

We’ll meet up in Plovdiv at 9 AM. From there our driver will take us to the village of Dedovo – the starting point of our mountain biking tour.

Our mountain biking in Bulgaria’s Rhodope mountain begins with an ascent up the dirt roads and paths to the south of the village, through which we’ll enter one of the largest and most interesting areas in the Rhodope mountains – Chernatitsa. We’ll continue until we reach the Ravnishta lodge, where we can take a short break. From there we’ll continue up a dirt road through the Rhodope forests. 10 km ahead is the highest point of our biking tour – the mountain ridge. We’ll take another short break here and enjoy the scenery.

We’ll move on with a pleasant descent to the area of the Belocherkovski Monastery. We’ll stop at the Bash Dairy Farm, where we’ll take a longer lunch break. Once everyone has had their lunch, we’ll continue on towards the final point of today’s tour – the village of Orehovo. From there we’ll be able to see the gorgeous landscapes of Snezhanka Peak, Mechi Chal Peak, Mount Golyam Perelik and Persenk Peak. We’ll finish off our cycling for the day with a ride down a several-kilometer-long path packed with fun and scenic sections.

Day 2

We’ll start the day with a 12-kilometer ascent up a dirt road towards Persenk Peak. Once we’ve reached the top, we’ll stop for lunch, after which we’ll continue on our way down the dirt road. This section of the route is mostly descending.

We’ll pause for a break once we reach Sitovo Village, and then we’ll take a detour to its chief attraction – the Sitovo Rock Inscription. The Sitovo inscription is and ancient inscription carved into the side of a cliff that has stumped historians since its discovery, it meaning remaining an enigma. The Thracians believed that this area had a powerful energy field, which is why they chose it as the site of one of the most mysterious Thracian sanctuaries. We’ll leave plenty of time for pictures and to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area to its fullest.

We’ll take a dirt road to the Rhodope Ravno area. Its name means “even”, but the name is in jest more than anything – it consists of alternating upwards and downwards slopes. It should take us a couple of hours to reach Boykovo Village, where this part of our adventure comes to an end.

The final stop for the day is Dedovo Village. It’s only 5 km away, with little denivelation.