Round Trip to Some of the Best Wineries in Bulgaria

Round Trip to Some of the Best Wineries in Bulgaria
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  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Chateau Copsa Complex
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Wine production in the territory of modern Bulgaria predates the Ancient Thracians. The climate and soil create the perfect conditions for the cultivation of wine grape vines, and there are whole regions in the country covered in vineyards that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Since the time of the cult to the god of wine and festivities Dionysus, to this very day, wine has retained its cultural significance and the methods used for its production have been honed to perfection. Bulgaria is the birthplace of a number of wine grape varieties that are specific to this country, the most famous of which is Mavrud – native to the Thracian Plain. Dive into the rich world of Bulgarian wine at top-of-the-line wineries known for their exquisite range of red and white wines, gourmet cuisine, flawless service and immersive atmosphere.


• Get acquainted with the ecologically clean and masterfully produced wines of the Mezek Wine Cellar

• Enjoy the delicious wines of the atmospheric Katarzyna Estate, many of which have won multiple national and international awards

• Taste the wide range of award-winning red, white and rose wines at the Edoardo Mirolio Wine Cellar and be sure to try its famous sparkling wines

• Immerse yourself in the fairytale atmosphere of Chateau Copsa – a gorgeous winery in the style of a Medieval castle


Day 1

The starting point of our tour is Plovdiv.

We’ll first head south for the village of Mezek – home to not one, but two premium wine cellars. We’ll also have plenty of fascinating locations to see along the way.

On the way there, we’ll stop by Villa Armira – an ancient Roman vacation estate. The structure was likely built sometime in the 1st century AD and inhabited all the way until the mid-4th century AD. It is the most richly ornamented Roman private home discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. The house itself (which can rightfully be considered a castle) had its own bathhouse, a two-storey main building with a reception hall, bedrooms, and utilitarian rooms all built around a large basin – the centerpiece of the estate. The entire complex is beautifully decorated with statues and floor mosaics depicting mythological creatures, spiritual symbols, and former inhabitants of the estate. Villa Armira is a fascinating archeological discovery and one of Bulgaria’s most significant Roman heritage sites.

From there continue towards the village of Mezek.

On our way in, we’ll visit the Fortress of Mezek – a Medieval Byzantine stronghold built in the 11th century to be used as a border defense fort. Today it is the best-preserved fortress in Southern Bulgaria. The meadows around it are a popular picnic area. Next we’ll have time to see the Mezek Tomb. With a corridor over 20 meters in length, it is the longest Thracian tomb in Bulgaria and one of the most interesting tombs built in the Mycenaean style. It is perfectly preserved in its original form, buried under an impressive 15-meter mound of earth. The burial chamber is round, in the shape of a bee hive, and in it was discovered an impressive number of artifacts made out of gold, bronze, iron, glass and ceramics, among which were jewelry and armour pieces. It is thought that the tomb was used as a heroon – a shrine dedicated to a hero. An interesting detail is that it was reused several times, meaning it was likely a family tomb.

Mezek is a historical and cultural center and a prolific wine-production area. After that, we’ll get to taste the famed wines produced in the area at the Mezek Winery, followed by another degustation at the Katarzyna Estate.

Mezek Winery is a strong believer that the best wine is produced by small, family-owned wineries that value the craft and the age-old, tried-and-tested wine production methods of the region. Their delicious array of red and white wines is made from ecologically clean grapes grown in the area, and all production processes are done manually. They conduct degustations in their wine cellar, allowing the participants to truly immerse themselves in the experience. Each degustation includes a short presentation about the history of the area and its chief attractions.

Our next degustation is at Katarzyna Estate – winner of over 300 national and international awards over the 12 years since its founding.

Katarzyna has over 55 varieties of wine, each unique in taste. Their Syrah won its place in the Top 5 Best Syrah in the world according to an international competition – three times over! The winery’s impressive selection includes award-winning, limited reserves such as the Encore Syrah. All wine tastings are tailored to the degustators’ preferences. The estate itself is a gorgeous work of art and its beautiful garden and vineyards lets you escape into the world of wine, where all cares seem distant and insignificant.

Overnight in Svilengrad.

Day 2

The next day after breakfast, we’ll be heading towards the Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar.

Located near Nova Zagora, the Migrolio Wine Cellar is like an oasis in the spacious landscape. It is located in an area that is perfectly suited for wine production. The boutique hotel is surrounded by vineyards, hills, a small lake and green meadows stretching off into the distance. The hotel itself is elegantly furnished, complete with a degustation room, a classy restaurant, lobby bar and outdoor swimming pool. The red and white wines produced in the winery have won numerous international and national awards. Special mention goes out to Miroglio’s sparkling wines, produced using a classical method.

From there, we’ll head towards Midalidare Estate.

Away from the bustling city, hidden in the mountains, Midalidare Estate exists in a realm of its own, where you can focus entirely on relaxing and enjoying your stay surrounded nature. The staff is diligent and dedicated wholly to providing you with a pleasant experience. The stylish design, faithful to the Provencal architecture that inspired it, and the artfully arranged and maintained grounds ensure that you will spend your afternoon surrounded by nothing but beauty. With its authentic Bulgarian wine, produced in its very own wine cellar, Midalidare Complex is one of the best places in Bulgaria for wine tasting.

Overnight at Midalidare Estate.

Day 3

On the third day, we’ll travel to Chateau Copsa – a gorgeous winery in the style of a Medieval castle. 50 hectares of vineyards stretch across the landscape, where the soil and climate come together to form the perfect conditions needed to produce wine of the highest quality. This area prides itself on its exquisite white wines. The reds ripen later than in other places due to the cool mountain climate, which gives them a unique flavor.

Each wine degustation option is carefully selected by one of Chateau Copsa’s experienced ennologists and represents the full range of traits that the wine grapes grown in the area possess. Visitors to this winery have the chance to try wine reserves that have long since run out on the market.

Chateau Copsa offers the chance to engage in a variety of outdoor activities nearby, such as riding on a retro phaeton and horse-riding. Fans of the extreme can ride up the 5-km-long Sky Lift or visit the Shamballa Adventure Park – the largest extreme park in Bulgaria. There’s no shortage of adventure in the area, with the option to go paragliding, parachuting or mountain biking.

We’ll be spending the night in the complex. The rooms in Chateau Copsa are gorgeously designed and furnished. Each one is named after and inspired by a wine sort, and you’ll feel the spirit of these wines in every corner of the room.

Day 4

Transfer to Plovdiv after breakfast. This concludes our wine tour.