Waterfalls Canyon Ecotrail

Waterfalls Canyon Ecotrail
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  • Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Smolyan
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This ecotrail takes you to Waterfalls Canyon – one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the Rhodope mountains. With more than 40 waterfalls of varying sizes, a lush forest, and vantage points offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountain slopes, and designated rest areas along the way is a nature-lover’s dream come true!


  •  See Orpheus Falls, 68 m – the highest waterfall on the trail
  •  Visit 40 other waterfalls of varying shapes and sizes
  •  Explore a beautiful forest
  •  Enjoy a view from the highest point of the trail towards the canyon, with the city of Smolyan visible in the distance
  •  Close to other natural attractions - Yagodina cave, Devil's Throat cave, mineral pool and aquapark
  •  Learn about the flora and fauna from our guide
  •  Binoculars available
  •  Pick up from and drop off at the hotel


Waterfalls Canyon is in the Rhodope mountains, near the city of Smolyan. The trail itself is part of the Soskovcheto nature reserve.

Our journey takes us over small bridges, past benches, gazebos, greenery and wildlife, and gorgeous views in every direction. The main draw to this area are, of course, the waterfalls – between 40 and 50 in number, the most distinct of which have names. The so called “Cascades” are a set of several waterfalls that run down the cliffs in a wide flow like a veil. The tallest waterfall is “Orpheus” (68 m), named after the mythical musician, due to the way the water disperses in rivulets like a lyre. The so called “Heart” owes its name to its heart-shaped flow. The “Reservoirs” flow into the gaps in the cliff side, filling them with water like natural reservoirs. The culmination of the trail, just past the last waterfall, are the three vantage points offering a view towards the canyon itself and the landscapes beyond it.

The trail is 6 km long and takes about 4 hours at a regular pace and loops back to its starting point, so we won’t have to backtrack. There will be break pauses at the designated benches along the way, and plenty of time for pictures.

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The best time to go on this hike is in the spring, when the rivers (and, by extension, the waterfalls) are at their fullest. 

No special equipment is needed, just comfortable walking shoes.

Denivelation: 700 m

Highest point: 1800 m above sea level